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Our people are always willing to serve you and solve any issue related to your insurance. If, despite this, you believe that your case has not been properly handled by our Company, then you have the right to file a complaint.

What is a complaint:

Cause is the statement of dissatisfaction, the complaint, addressed to the Company by a person related to the insurance policy or the insurance services provided to him.

What is not a complaint:

Claims, requests for insurance compensation, questions and requests for information or clarification are not considered complaints

How to file a complaint:

Your complaint should be submitted by post or by email as follows: PO Box: K.Kartali 150,38221 , Volos Email: info@insurancegeenie.gr


Immediately after submitting your complaint you will receive a receipt. Your application will be examined by the relevant department of our Company. You will receive our Company’s response by the means you indicated in your complaint (by post, or email, or fax), within 50 days at the latest from the above date of receipt. In the event that we determine, during the investigation of your complaint, that more time is required, we will send you a written notification of the reason for the delay, indicating at the same time the time we expect to complete the processing of your complaint.

Useful information:

You should know that submitting your complaint does not interrupt the statute of limitations for your legal claims, nor is it a prerequisite for your appeal to the Court or any competent Authority. You can also contact the following competent authorities:

General Secretariat for Consumer:

Postal Address: General Secretariat of Consumer Pl. Kaningos, 10181 Athens Tel.: 1520
Fax: 210 38 29 640 – 210 33 02 708 – 210 38 43 549
Email: info@efpolis.gr

Consumer Advocate:

Postal Address: 144 Alexandras Street , 114 71, Athens Tel.: 210 6460862, 210 6460814, 210 6460612, 210 6460734, 210 6460458 Fax: 210 6460414 Email: grammateia@synigorosynakatanaloti.gr – Central Secretary of the Consumer Advocate . gr – Secretariat of the Deputy Consumer Advocate gramb@synigoroskatanaloti.gr – Secretariat of the Assistant Consumer Advocate.

BANK OF GREECE - Private Insurance Supervision Directorate (DEIA)

Postal Address: 3 Amerikis Street, 10564 ATHINA Tel.: 210 3205222, 210 3205223 Fax: 210 3205437,8 Email: dep.insurancesupervision@bankofgreece.gr


International Insurance Office : 210 32 23 324
Bank of Greece-Private Insurance Supervision Directorate : 210 32 05 222
Consumer Advocate : 210 64 60 862
General Consumer Secretariat : 1520
Direct Action : 100
Ministry of Finance : 210 32 21 511
: Capital Market Commission 210 33 77 100
Personal Data Protection Authority: 210 64 75 600

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