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Frequent questions

With .InsuranceGeenie.gr you can easily and quickly find and compare the packages of the leading insurance companies for your own car.
The comparison between the car insurances on the market for your car will help you see the prices of the packages, the coverages they include and if these coverages are necessary for you.
Thus, you will find the car insurance that suits your daily life and conditions of use of your car.
Follow the simple steps below, fill in your exact details and see insurance package prices for your own car.
Step 1: Vehicle details
Fill in the details of your vehicle. If they are filled in automatically, check that they are correct.
Step 2: Owner details
Fill in the information of the owner or the driver, in case they are different persons.
Step 3: Choose an insurance package
Choose the duration and type of insurance you want.
Step 4: Smart suggestions
We recommend coverages that, based on your information, are important for your insurance.
Step 5: Compare!
See all the insurance packages for your car, compare prices and coverages and buy the car insurance that meets your needs.

It is very important to fill in the exact details of your car, as well as the driver/owner. With the actual car and driver details, the insurance prices in the search results are the prices for your car. A random ID or an inaccurate driver’s license acquisition date can affect the price of the package.
The items you need are:

  • Vehicle license plate
  • Date of first release
  • Make & Model Version
  • Date of birth of owner
  • Diploma issue date

For many policyholders, it is not clear how the price of car insurance is determined. Many times we wonder why we pay different insurance premiums with a friend who has a similar car to ours.
It is important to know that the price of a car insurance is shaped dynamically. Each insurance company uses its own pricing system, based on a number of factors. These factors are estimated to increase or decrease the risk of damage and therefore the price of insurance. Some of them are:

  • The driver experience
  • The use of the car
  • The owner/driver’s residence zip code

So, for example, two drivers with similar displacement and age cars may pay different premiums due to differences in years of experience or where they live

How can you find the cheapest car insurance that will cover all your needs? You cannot change many of the factors that shape the price of insurance premiums, but you can pay attention to some points during the purchase process that may reduce the price of insurance premiums. Some of them are:

  1. Choose your additional coverages carefully. You don’t need to buy coverage that you don’t need.
  2. See if you are entitled to a special premium discount due to professional category.
  3. Choose a longer insurance period. An annual car insurance policy is cheaper per month than a quarterly one and you can pay it off in interest-free installments.

#1 Special insurance discount for the unemployed
It is also the category that most needs a cheaper car insurance. For the unemployed, as for all other drivers, it is true that they must have their vehicle insured at all times, under any condition.
Therefore, some insurance companies make them preferential offers at special prices, to make it easier for them until they find work again.

#2 Special insurance discount for uniformed
There are offers on car insurance for military, police and others. Specifically, at insurancemarket.gr you will find the following options:

  • Uniformed (except police officers)
  • Police officer
  • Retired policeman

So, if you belong to one of these categories, you can benefit from some better offers for your insurance.

#3 Special insurance discount for civil servants
And civil servant insurance has some price relief. On our platform you will see the options:
1. Public Servant
2. Public Pensioner
By public servants we mean active or retired public servants, employees in urban transport, in local government and in DEKO, as well as clergy and priests.

Are you eligible for special car insurance discounts? Perfect. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to gr .gr Fill in the registration number (plate) of your vehicle.
  • In the owner details, go to the “Occupation Discount” field and select your status (Unemployed, Uniformed, etc.).
  • Compare offers from the insurance companies that will appear and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Pay off your insurance premiums
  • Receive the insurance policy in your email

Thanks to our platform, finding cheap car insurance for unemployed, uniformed and civil servants is easier than ever. Compare the offers and book your contract at the best price!

In addition to the basic liability coverage that is mandatory for all car insurance policies, there is a range of additional coverage that may suit your needs and prove particularly useful in the event of an accident.

Some of them are:

  • Roadside Assistance – Important cover, especially for older cars that break down more often.
  • Legal Protection – Covers any legal costs that may arise in cases of accidents.
  • Glass Breakage – Covers us in case the car windows break.
  • Accident Care – Support to manage all procedures arising from a minor or major accident.
  • Driver and owner personal accident – ​​In the unfortunate event that a driver/owner is injured during an accident, hospital expenses are covered.

Amicable settlement is the simplest and most painless way to deal with an accident. You call the Traffic Police to record the incident as well as your insurance’s Accident Care, they help you fill in the amicable settlement form and everything else needed and each driver goes to work.
But there are other things that are good to know about this particular topic.

From May 1, 2000, the agreement on immediate payment of material damages in traffic accidents came into force in our country. The Direct Payment System (Friendly Settlement) is an agreement between insurance companies, which applies, subject to conditions, to car accident claims.
It is a way of compensation and management of material damages as well as minor bodily injuries, which mainly achieves speed and reduction of legal disputes.
With the Friendly Settlement, the one who is not at fault or to the extent that he is not at fault for the accident, is compensated by his own insurance company. It is clarified that this Agreement between the companies binds them and only them – if the wrongful customer does not agree with the terms and conditions of this contract, he is entitled to claim his compensation from the Company of the culprit in the manner currently applied (according to common i.e. law).

This regulation in the area of ​​compensation aims to serve the customer and to stabilize the market. The advantages it offers mainly for consumers are many:

  • Acceleration and simplification of settlement procedures
  • Shortening the time of payment of the entitled compensation
  • Better service to customers who acquire a similar perception of the quality of services provided by their company
  • Reduction of legal interventions and court appeals
  • Reducing conflicts between customers and insurance companies

The Direct Payment System is only activated in accidents within Greece and if the following basic conditions are met:

  • The compensation for material damage does not exceed €6,500 per accident.
  • The compensation for any bodily injuries does not exceed €12,000 for each injured person.
  • The compensation does not exceed €30,000 in total per incident.
  • In the event of an accident involving a collision between more than two vehicles, the applicable limit of material damages is applied per vehicle.
  • Non-contact accidents cannot be compensated.
  • For the application of the friendly settlement, only two percentages of driver responsibility apply: 100% and 50%.
  • An accident caused by a load or by leakage of liquids or gases of any nature used to operate the vehicle involved or by a part detached from the vehicle involved, even if there is no collision between the two vehicles involved, falls within the scope of the Friendly Settlement Agreement .

If the above conditions do not apply, then the company of the at-fault driver assumes responsibility for paying the compensation.

  • The cost of repair or compensation due to total destruction of the vehicle (including taxes).
  • The cost of replacing the helmet, bike case and the outer cover of the vehicle (hood).
  • The cost of transporting the vehicle. Covered property damage must not exceed the €6,500 limit of the agreement.
  • Doctors’ fees, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, medical treatment and transport costs of the injured party.
  • Loss of income.
  • Moral damages. The amount of the compensation is calculated according to the medical expertise or the certificate from a public hospital or from a social security institution. Bodily injuries covered must not exceed the €12,000 limit of the agreement.

Not only. In case of not completing a friendly declaration form between the drivers involved, the unnecessary driver submits a negative statement to his insurance company, which sends a relevant question to the at-fault driver’s company on whether it accepts to include the damage in the Direct Payment System.
Waiting for a response can take up to ten (10) business days. Before receiving a positive response, as well as before the expiration of the 10-day period, if no response has been received, the company of the unnecessary driver cannot compensate.

For any type of damage caused by a traffic accident, the payment of compensation requires the submission of a claim for compensation, accompanied by the collection of specific supporting documents.

And the claim for compensation includes:

  • Area and time of the accident
  • Details of the claimant (of the person requesting compensation)
  • Details of damaging vehicle
  • Violation committed by the damaging vehicle
  • Vehicle movement pattern
  • Collision points of the vehicles
  • Evidence of witnesses
  • Address where the vehicle is located for expertise

Since May 2014, a new Law on uninsured vehicles has been in force and according to it, high fines and penalties from the Traffic Police are foreseen for the offenders. You can get a fine for an uninsured vehicle, even if you don’t use the car, but you haven’t delivered plates. Simply put, if the car has license plates, then it must have insurance. So, let’s see what applies to the uninsured.

  • The driver of the uninsured vehicle receives a notice and then, within 8 days, he must prove that his vehicle is insured, or proceed with the insurance of his vehicle and pay the fee of 250 euros.
  • If the owner of the uninsured car does not comply, a new fine of 500 euros will be imposed, in combination with administrative and criminal sanctions.
  • Removal of license plates, driver’s license and license for 6 months.
  • Removal of plates and license for two years in the event of an accident.
  • Financial fine in favor of the Auxiliary Fund, with an act of the Police Authority, 1,000 euros for buses and VAT, 500 euros for passenger cars & 250 euros for two-wheelers.
The license and plates can be returned to the owner or owner of the vehicle, before the above time periods have passed. This applies if the fine is paid and proof of payment is presented, as well as the insurance policy for the vehicle.
  • Imprisonment from 2 months to 1 year
  • A fine of up to 3,000 euros
That’s all well and good, but how do you know your car is definitely insured? On the website of the Auxiliary Capital, you can put the vehicle’s license plate and owner’s tax number. There you can see if you are insured and until when the insurance is valid. Do you have an insurance policy, but you see on the platform that your car is not insured? You must contact your insurance company immediately to resolve the issue.

Penalties for uninsured cars aren’t the only reason why you should make sure you have valid insurance. More important reasons are the following:

  1. Because it is the socially responsible act. Insurance isn’t just there to avoid having to pay a fine. It exists to compensate other drivers, pedestrians or other third parties for bodily or property damage that may result from the movement of your vehicle.
  2. Because it protects you from financial ruin. Consider having to pay out of pocket to repair a car damage you negligently caused. You don’t know what amount you might face. In particular, in accidents with serious bodily injuries (eg disabilities) or fatal accidents, the costs are prohibitive.

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